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7 ways to make networking much less awkward and slimy

When I listen to the word ‘networking’, I cannot assist however think of bizarre handshakes, contrived communication, and call tags.

The idea of interacting with others for the sole motive of advancing my own cause can feel, properly… grimy.

The right news is it would not be that manner.

Networking is a vital talent and one that we can get higher at — that’s simply as properly, due to the fact there may be some reality to the saying ‘it’s now not what you realize, it is who ‘. The Australian Jobs Report 2018 found out that over 1 / 4 of all Australian jobs have been unadvertised inside the 2016-2017 length.

So, given it is such an crucial part of professional lifestyles, how can we be better networkers?
2. Know which you’re already doing it

Whether it’s an enterprise characteristic, a workplace or maybe something as easy as going out for dinner or drinks with colleagues, you’re probably already doing more networking than you believe you studied.

“Every opportunity we’ve in which we are assembly with people is a networking possibility,” says profession counselor John Taccori.

Being added to others via humans we recognize is one of the best ways to network. In a 2018 article, Libby Sander, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Bond Business School, cites research that shows folks who obtain organized introductions make stronger connections and greater new contacts.

It’s additionally beneficial to remember the fact that digital networking is likewise networking. Online social and expert networking websites make it easier for us to search for out and get in touch with human beings in our industries and in others. They can also be an incredible manner to get a few preliminary facts and offer a few speaking points if and when you meet an individual.
Three. Chip in more than you’re taking

Dr. Taccori says that our technique to networking should not usually be approximately getting something out of it. It’s a hazard for us to concentrate and learn from others, in addition, to make a contribution. Especially inside the beginning.

He explains you must percentage who you are and what abilities you bring and show up with a positive, collaborative mindset.

“Go in there with the aim of providing something for people, instead of filling up your very own bag and on foot out,” Dr. Taccori says.

Over time, you may be the move-to individual for your ability set.

Aside from the professional advantages of networking affords, it is usually good to ‘know someone’. Establishing an extensive and varied network makes it less complicated to do our present jobs better by using permitting us access to folks that can help us with the matters we don’t know and vice versa.
Four. Learn to pay attention

Many folks have reservations approximately small talk and knowing what to mention.

Ms. Thomson says that in preference to operating ourselves up over it, we must adopt a unique technique by means of getting out of our very own heads and actively listening and asking questions of others.

Not most effective will this take the pressure off us, it’ll assist us to appear greater comfy in communication and leave the alternative individual feeling heard. It’ll additionally allow us to walk away with a feeling that we have learned something approximately the alternative man or woman.
5. Create your own luck via being nice

Often while we are supplied with possibilities, it’s smooth to place it down to luck.

Dr. Taccori says that lucky human beings proportion a common feature: they are likable.

“Lucky people smile a lot, they may be appropriate listeners, they ask very good questions, they demonstrate open, positive body language and that they often pay attention extra than they speak,” he says.

Emma Isaacs, founder and global CEO of Business Chicks, told The Pineapple Project’s Claire Hooper that we need to always be positive while networking.

“Never ever bag your previous corporation. Always be someone who is visible as nice and upbeat and a person you’ll want to loaf around all the time,” Ms. Isaacs says.
6. Remember it is a protracted-term sport

If we discover ourselves at a dedicated networking event, Dr. Taccori says we must avoid being too competitive and leaping from individual to person to fulfill as many humans as viable. Remember that forming meaningful relationships takes time.

“If you are in it for the long haul, you will finally meet these types of humans, so don’t be in a hurry to do that,” he says.
7. Follow up
We should not underestimate the price of following up after a hit meeting. It establishes a line of communication for the connection to hold.

Ms. Thomson says that while e-mail is best, she prefers a phone call.

“Be a voice, show how articulate you are, how thrilling you are and feature a communication in a good old school way,” she says.

As with any ability, the more you do it the higher at it you will be.