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AB 47 targets cellular phone use behind the wheel

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – A California lawmaker wants to stiffen the penalty for all of us caught texting, speak or even holding a mobile phone at the same time as using.

Currently, the use of a cellphone while riding is a traffic infraction in California with a nice between $20 to $50.

State Assemblyman Jim Frazier, (D) Oakley, has added AB 47 which, if handed, might add a point to a person’s using report with every offense of the use of a cellular phone while using.

Points on a driving document imply better vehicle insurance quotes and probably the suspension of a drivers license.

“Technology has caught up with us and all of a sudden the result of the era is we idea we could not live without it in our automobiles”, Frazier said at a press conference for AB 47 in Sacramento on Thursday, “I mean there are human beings that consume of their cars, positioned make-up on in their motors, and people are distractive and shouldn’t be finished additionally, if you’re on the wheel of a vehicle you should be concentrating at the venture handy.”

Frazier factors to the disparity in motor car infraction penalties in California, the nicest for the usage of a mobile phone at the same time as driving is $50 and the fine for littering is $1,000.

Distracted riding is a leading reason for deadly crashes, especially those who kill teen drivers, in keeping with recent dual carriageway protection facts.

AAA says using a mobile phone whilst using increases the percentages of a crash with the aid of up to 8 instances, especially if it is texting while driving.

Assemblyman Frazier, whose daughter becomes killed in a car crash, hopes his invoice will shop lives.

“The ache of losing a loved one is a pain I might by no means wish on every person”, Frazier stated on Thursday, “it is simply simple selfish for someone to select up their smartphone and begin using it even as driving. It really can wait.”

If handled by the Legislature and signed by using the Governor, AB 47 might take the impact on January 1, 2021.