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Apple Music: How to view and eliminate apps that have get entry to to your account

Apple Music subscribers can provide 1/3-birthday party apps to get admission to their account for such things as streaming music through Echo devices or creating a 12 months-in-evaluate chart of your most listened-to song.

When you’ve got granted a third-party app or carrier get right of entry to for your Apple Music account, it’s going to keep to have to get entry to till you turn that get admission to off. If making a decision you want to reduce the number of facts flowing from your account, there are a pair of different areas to edit which apps have access to your Apple Music data.
Those the usage of an iOS tool will want to open the Apple Music app and select the For You tab, then faucet to your profile photograph inside the top-right corner. Scroll down on the Account page until you find a section categorized Apps With Access. There you will discover a listing of apps you have formerly granted get entry to in your account, and if you tap on the Edit button you may do away with the apps you now not use.

On Android, open the Apple Music app and select the For You tab. Next, faucet on the 3-dot menu icon at the pinnacle-right corner (just above your profile photograph), observed by way of Settings. If you’ve granted an app get right of entry to in your Apple Music account at the Android tool, a phase of Apps With Access will show up — swipe throughout the app name to dispose of it.

Device Settings
Another location to test which apps have get admission to your Apple Music account is on your iOS device’s Settings. Specifically, open Settings > Privacy > Media & Apple Music.

Slide the transfer subsequent to any app or provider you want to revoke to the off function.

It’s no longer clear what reasons an app to reveal up in the iOS Settings app as opposed to showing up within the Apple Music app. For me, the apps indexed in each phase were distinctive, so it is a good idea to check both places.