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BlackBerry Hub, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts beta apps up to date!

BlackBerry has been cooking refreshes for all of their BlackBerry Hub Suite apps since December, and now, today’s updates have arrived through the Google Play Store for the ones collaborating in the beta software. This time around, BlackBerry Hub, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts have been up to date. According to the changelogs, BlackBerry Hub was given the maximum love with numerous highlights inclusive of:

More outstanding use of account shade
The time is now continually displayed for each object within the message listing
Improved overall performance for big email debts with Priority Hub disabled

For Notes, Tasks, and Contacts, the changelogs spotlight overall performance improvements and malicious program fixes. Given that is the third rollout of the beta releases, we’re probably getting pretty close to them going respectable, so in case you’re part of the beta checking out a team, be sure to load up on the remarks.

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