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Dunkin’ Donuts debts compromised in 2nd credential stuffing assault in 3 months

Dunkin’ Donuts introduced these days that it changed into the victim of a credential stuffing assault all through which hackers gained access to consumer money owed.

This marks the second one time in 3 months that the coffee store chain notifies users of account breaches following credential stuffing attacks.

Credentials stuffing is a cyber-protection time period that describes a type of cyber-assault wherein hackers take combos of usernames and passwords leaked at different websites and use them to benefit (unlawful) get right of entry to on debts on new sites.

Dunkin’ Donuts suggested a first credential stuffing attack on the give up of November (the actual attack befell on October 31). Today, the organization suggested a second credential stuffing assault (assault passed off on January 10).

Just like inside the first, hackers used person credentials leaked at other websites to benefit access to DD Perks rewards money owed, which give repeat customers with a manner to earn points and use them to get unfastened liquids or reductions for different Dunkin’ Donuts merchandise.

The kind of information typically saved inner a DD Perks account includes a consumer’s first and closing names, email cope with (also used as username), a sixteen-digit DD Perks account wide variety and a DD Perks QR code.

But hackers weren’t after customers’ personal records saved in Dunkin’ Donuts rewards bills. Instead, they were after the account itself, which they may be selling on Dark Web boards, according to a screenshot shared with ZDNet by way of AI-powered community protection organization Lastline.

During online conversations and get in touch with calls over the last few months with this reporter, numerous safety engineers at American ISPs (who could not share their names due to non-disclosure agreements) have previously instructed ZDNet approximately that is a growing fashion inside the cyber-crook undergrounds. According to our resources, hacker groups are renting IoT botnets and jogging scripts to perform credential stuffing attacks in opposition to a wide variety of online services.

One of the scripts that they use to automate credential stuffing assaults is known as SNIPER.

Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline, shared with ZDNet a screenshot of an advert on a hacking forum wherein a hazard actor become promoting a SNIPER config in particular for attacking the Dunkin’ Donuts login page.

Once hackers wreck into bills, they both exploit them by means of extracting personal statistics from money owed and reselling the personal information to economic fraud operators, or they promote get admission to the hacked bills themselves.

This latter case is what is going on with Dunkin’ Donuts debts, as hackers positioned up the hacked accounts for sale, that are later offered by other men and women that use the reward points observed in those accounts at Dunkin’ Donuts shops to acquire unearned reductions and unfastened beverages.

“Dunkin’ keeps to work aggressively in combatting credential stuffing assaults, which have end up increasingly regularly occurring across the retail industry given the big volume of stolen credentials now extensively to be had online,” a spokesperson told ZDNet via electronic mail.

“Dunkin’s internal systems did no longer enjoy a statistics safety breach, but, whilst we are made aware by using our safety carriers that 1/3-events may also have acquired our customers’ usernames and passwords thru different groups’ or companies’ protection breaches and doubtlessly accessed their debts, we straight away take action to shield the customer through resetting their password and converting any Dunkin’ cards they’ll have.


“When this will become important, we provide notification letters to the affected consumers. In this situation, we contacted 1,2 hundred of our more than 10 million DD Perks participants,” the corporation stated, placing the most current breach in perspective.

Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the simplest organization that has suffered a credential stuffing assault within the beyond few months. Ad blocker organization AdGuard suffered one in September 2018; banking giant HSBC in November; but also Reddit, DailyMotion, Deliveroo, and Basecamp closing month.

Credential stuffing attacks have ended up a massive problem for online service carriers within the beyond two years after billions of username and password combinations have gradually made their way into the public domain.

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