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Google Go joins Google’s roster of ‘mild’ apps in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Google’s including a brand new Go app available for Philippine users on Wednesday, February thirteen: Google Go.

Google Go is an app that has a comparable set of functions as Google’s most important search feature however it has been redesigned to be easier to use and less complicated to run even on low-performance phones.

The consumer interface is extra visible providing Instagram-like photograph squares that a user can tap on to expose search effects. The search bar has been ready with a feature that’s similar to automobile-whole capabilities: type at the seek bar, and the app offers you recommendations on a pinnacle of the search bar that guess what you’re trying to type. (READ: Public WiFi carrier Google Station to launch this month)

Google’s Simon Tokumine, the group product supervisor of Google Search, defined that Go is designed to make people kind much less, on account that it’s a touch harder to kind when one is the usage of a cellphone. “It maintains typing to a minimum,” Tokumine said, “With Google Go, you could discover the web without typing.”

One of the app’s coolest capabilities even though is its meant ability to study web pages for you. Tokumine attempted to demo the feature however failed. Humoring the situation, he stated that all of us ought to use some higher net, regarding the improving however still the flaky net situation in us of a.

Along with convenience functions, Google Go is said to be mild and green too. It’s only a five-megabyte download, works on a phone with 1 gigabyte of RAM or less, and makes use of forty% fewer statistics than its traditional non-Go counterpart.

Google additionally noted YouTube Go and Android Go, each of that have been available within the Philippines since a closing year.