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How to Get Rid of the Annoying Red Notifications on Your iPhone Apps

Your iPhone likely has multiple apps with pesky crimson notification icons that constantly stress you to check them and clear them.

Also possibly, is that the numbers interior of these red icons keep going up (and up) as you attempt your nice ignore them. This may motive tension. So first, let’s keep in mind that your apps are critical, but their regular notifications in all likelihood aren’t. You’re better off without so a lot of them.

In the age of notification- and records-overload, customers are trying to “Marie Kondo” their iPhones by way of cleansing up needless facts and relieving themselves of the stress that comes with it (and we’re right here to assist).

Those red icons are without a doubt referred to as “Notification Badges” and there’s an clean way to cast off them for suitable. If you’d like to remove Notification Badges on one, two, or maybe all your apps; here’s how it’s finished.

How to Turn off Notification Badges

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open the Settings app.
Scroll all the way down to your listing of apps and select the offender app which you’d like to stop bugging you.
Tap Notifications. Here you’ll be able to great music what form of notifications the app can ship you. You may toggle off notifications entirely, or manage where notifications can appear, and greater.
Toggle off “Badges” to remove crimson icon notifications from that app.
Head lower back to the principle Settings page and repeat for these steps for all different apps that you’d want to get hold of fewer notifications from.

Turning off the Notification Badges characteristic is a splendid manner to reduce the quantity of muddle on your iPhone or iPad’s Home display.

But preserve in mind, for critical verbal exchange apps like Mail and Messages, it’s probably now not a very good concept to turn off notifications completely.

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