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Insider tip: Best journey apps

Ever questioned what apps will make your travels less difficult?

I even have some faves that are my cross-to while navigating an unknown city, getting around on public transport and normally simply making travel in a brand new area easier.

PackPoint analyses details about your ride (vacation spot, clothes and what you are doing) to create an endorsed packing list. It made my pre-experience making plans a breeze.

Most human beings count on Google Maps is the way to go for buying round, but my fave is MAPS.ME. It’s free, works offline, tracks you and has a massive variety of organizations listed. You can add notes and markers, color coding and even stars. I rarely used some thing else.

Need to keep in contact at the cross and don’t have a neighborhood SIM card? WhatsApp instantaneous messaging is my select for sending texts and making voice and video calls. You don’t want statistics but will need wireless. Your circle of relatives and friends will appreciate the “I’m having an exquisite time and never coming domestic” messages!

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