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Michigan town is banning all cellular telephone use at the same time as riding

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — The Battle Creek City of commissioners voted unanimously to prohibit drivers from managing telephones whilst behind the wheel.

That approach beginning February 15 police can forestall any drivers they see with a telephone in their hand.

According to state police records, there were simply under thirteen thousand crashes regarding distracted driving in 2016 and forty-three humans have been killed and over fifty-one hundred human beings were hurt in those crashes.

The regulation will allow exceptions for precise use of cell phones for things like reporting an emergency.

Drivers also can nonetheless use their GPS and communicate right into an established smartphone so long as they are not bodily using it at the same time as driving.

Now people caught by using police will get hold of a $a hundred quality for the primary offense, but it doubles to $2 hundred for the second one or next offense.

The ordinance goes into effect on Friday.

Michigan currently has a distracted using law at the books making it illegal to textual content and force.