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Milford HS Pushes For Stricter Cellphone Policy

MILFORD, MA- Milford High School may be cracking down on scholar mobile phone usage quickly.

Principal Joshua Otlin sent an e-mail to mother and father describing cellular phone use inside the faculty as having “bad influences” on scholar learning and lecture room lifestyle. Otlin brought that the guidelines and practices in place have not been effective and sizable modifications to the coverage are being considered.

The excessive college’s cellular phone coverage prohibits the use of telephones within the lecture room, library, computer labs, auditorium, or places of work and specifies that telephones can’t be visible. However, students are allowed to use their telephones throughout lunch intervals and in the course of their 4 minute walks to training. In Olin’s letter, he recommended increasing the ban to encompass headphones and airpods and exclude cellular telephone use from the hallways as well.

Principal Otlin said the aim is not to ban phones from the building and there might be possibilities to apply telephones- just now not at some point of class time. “We accept as true with that students have to be able to use cell phones during lunch and passing, as well as earlier than college and after college,” Otlin said.

Otlin stated growing the severity of effects but did now not offer precise examples. According to this 12 months’ Student-Parent handbook, there are various levels of effect relying on how regularly a scholar has been stuck with a smartphone. First-time offenders can count on a verbal warning. If the scholar is stuck again, the punishment is teacher detention. A 0.33 offense forces the pupil to give up their cellular telephone to the office and a parent/guardian should pick out it up; college students are not allowed to get their personal telephones at the quiet of the day.
We believe that we want to absolutely reset norms approximately mobile phone use in college in order that teachers can focus on teaching and students can awareness on getting to know,” Otlin said.

New coverage has not been proposed yet and Otlin stated in his letter that earlier than the management brings a suggestion to the School Committee, the excessive faculty will preserve a dialogue night time for mother and father and students to voice their opinions.

The meeting might be held from 7:00 p.M. To eight:30 p.M. In the excessive college auditorium on Feb. 27.