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New Report Reveals Most Popular Apps in Business Today

Enterprise Identity control corporation Okta simply published its fifth Businesses @ Work report. It identifies some of the most extensively used apps as well as the fastest-developing apps of 2018.

The huge winners this 12 months’s record protected heavyweights like Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce, in addition to fast-growing upstarts like Google’s “G Suite,” Zoom and Slack.

Okta examined anonymous records from the enterprise’s Integration Network, with over a hundred million registered customers, primarily based on its over 5,500 integrations with cloud, cellular and net-based apps.

The enterprise additionally partnered with Qualtrics to behavior a survey of over 1,two hundred expertise employees to observe how they paintings nowadays, and the way that paintings may be evolving. The records and survey responses together paint a clearer photo of what apps organizations and people use each day, and how they get paintings completed.

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Microsoft Office continues to be very sturdy, but competitors are rising.

Okta analyzed common app popularity through compiling the variety of customers deploying an app, and the range of energetic users using it (people who used an app at the least as soon as in 30 days). The report lists the top 15 apps in each of these two categories.

The most famous app according to both units of metrics changed into Microsoft Office 365, which extended its lead compared to last year’s stated figures. Salesforce and Amazon WS observed, with Google’s G-Suite completing fourth.

Fast-growing video conferencing solution Zoom entered the list for the first time, debuting in 9th location. The messaging and collaboration app Slack took one step up inside the scores for each metrics.

One of the clearest tendencies this year is the upward push of Microsoft competitors, says Ming Wu, Okta’s Vice President of Data and Analytics.

“Years ago, if you acquire Microsoft you had been a hundred percentage with it. Today what we see is even if you have Microsoft, you spot a plethora of the opposite exceptional forms of answers that Microsoft competes without delay with (growing in reputation), whether that’s online sharing equipment like Box, or video conferencing like Zoom. We see a ton of customers that have Microsoft but nonetheless have G Suite. So why is that? That’s genuinely, we consider clients are pronouncing, ‘Hey, I want to construct that revel in for my cease users and cease customers are inquiring for this.’“

Since both Slack and Zoom are exploring or actively concerned in preparations for IPOs, this will be suitable information for the companies and their buyers. That’s specially genuine given the potential for further marketplace enlargement. According to the survey, handiest sixteen percent of respondents had heard of Slack and 19 percentage have been privy to Zoom.

Enterprise-stage enterprise apps Workday and ServiceNow took the second one and 1/3 positions in the “most active users” class. Slack makes an appearance on that list too, however Zoom did not crack the top 15.

And what approximately Skype? The Zoom competitor may have greater brand focus, however, that doesn’t translate to greater popularity. Survey respondents named Skype both least favorite and “maximum worrying” app.

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Security emerges as a warm fashion within the company.

Over on the “Fast Growing Apps” list, cybersecurity is the new trend, with those apps growing maximum swiftly in market percentage and usage.

KnowBe4, LastPass and Proofpoint took the top three positions, respectively. KnowBe4 offers safety cognizance education and targets a strongly recognized want. Password encryption and storage company LastPass ranked 2nd with 132 percentage growth over the prior yr’s data. Proofpoint, an e mail security and safety awareness training provider, claimed the 1/3 spot with 122 percent growth. Rounding out the top 5 had been JAMF Pro, and again Zoom.

Wu says this fashion in the direction of hardened identity-driven safety is an indication that such things as security breaches are top of thoughts for the human beings in fee of records protection at companies.

“In the survey, we found out that 40 percentage of human beings use the identical two to four passwords across the board. I’m form of one of them. I have a totally, very lengthy complex password, however I simply hold reusing it. So due to this form of fashion, businesses need to invest extra in safety, and they’re additionally investing not simply in security packages, but they are strengthening and deploying things like multi factor authentication so that you can use a weaker password in keeping with se, however you’re also covered by like a device generated code thru Google Authenticate to verify provider.”

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Microsoft’s days of workplace dominance can be numbered.

Results of both the worker survey and the app statistics similarly reveal that Google and other startups are gaining ground on Microsoft.

The statistics shows corporations are adopting Google’s apps at a quicker price and its person base is increasing greater quickly than Microsoft’s. Moreover, expertise workers said Gmail is the app they want their business enterprise might adopt the maximum. Companies the use of developer tools such as Github, New Relic or Atlassian were three instances much more likely to set up G-Suite than MS Office.

Will this suggests that Microsoft’s lengthy-time dominance in the workplace is honestly beginning to wane? Only time will inform. Perhaps more importantly, the underlying and ordinary topic here is desire.

According to the Okta statistics, a normal employer used a mean of 52 apps three years ago. That’s now skyrocketed to 112. So, the information suggests that the longer agencies use apps, the greater they need to attempt more moderen apps. One issue is for sure; at these days’s modern-day workplace, human beings love preference, and that’s now not stopping.

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