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Newark Police need assist identifying suspected cellular cellphone thief Great Deal on Cell Phone Service: Get Talk, Text and Data Service From Mint Mobile for $6.Sixty seven a Month for 3 Months

As part of our persevered look for the high-quality deals for you, the IGN reader, we have to stumble upon this first-rate deal on pay as you go mobile phone plans. You would possibly have seen the economic for Mint Mobile for the duration of the Super Bowl. If the phrase “chunky fashion milk” earrings a bell… You truly noticed the ad.

The backside line: for ~$6.Sixty-seven a month, or $20 total, you get limitless speak and textual content and 8GB LTE statistics, for 3 months.

That’s $20, period, for 3 months of the no-agreement mobile carrier. This is without a doubt one of the first-rate pay as you go cell cellphone plans we’ve visible. Let’s get into the information, and any ability “catches” to maintain in mind:

First off, make certain to check Mint’s insurance map, but you’re probably high-quality there – nearly all fundamental areas are covered. Reviews for the carrier on Amazon are basically wonderful, and the bad reviews come all the way down to coverage or technical problems users had, so before you are making the commitment, make truly certain you are vicinity is on the insurance map for LTE carrier.

Second, you may set off an present phone. So if your settlement plan is up and you want to transport to something with less commitment for manner much less cash, that is a first-rate cellular telephone deal.

One component to keep in thoughts: the Mint Mobile $20 for three-month promotion best works for brand spanking new activations, and it is most effective for the 8GB plan. So if you use greater statistics than that (you animal) you are out of luck. However, Mint Mobile also gives 3GB and 12GB plans, so while the three months is up you could pick out a statistics plan that fits your desires, if you want.

Also, when the three months is up, the pricing adjustments. They’re all pretty reasonable. During the three-month promo period, that is actually the cheapest prepaid cellular smartphone plan, but even if the $6.Sixty-seven per month period is over, it is nevertheless definitely low cost. Here are the plans as soon as the promo duration ends:

three-Month Plans:

3GB LTE for $25/mo
8GB LTE for $35/mo
12GB LTE for $for



6-Month Plans:

3GB LTE for $20/mo
8GB LTE for $25/mo
12GB LTE for $35/mo

12-Month Plans:

3GB LTE for $15/mo
8GB LTE for $20/mo


12GB LTE for $25/mo

As you may see, if you decide to a 12-month plan you could maintain the $20/month rate. Pretty best, despite the fact that you’re locked into another settlement at that point, so you need to be sure Mint is operating out for you earlier than committing.



Prices are better than comparable plans with other carriers like Straight Talk cell, beating them in lots of cases for identical data/time spans, but while it slow is up, there’s nothing preventing you from leaping ship.

Finally, Mint Mobile sends you a SIM card. You’ll want to change inside the new SIM card yourself, however in case you’re in no way executed it earlier than, don’t worry. It can be performed in about 60 seconds.

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