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Paperless assessments are now real thanks to this customized cloud-based software

India’s woodland cowl has declined via a whopping 29,000 square km over a span 30 years, in keeping with a record published by means of e-Green Watch, an initiative released beneath the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. This rampant lack of greenery has caused increasing tiers of carbon dioxide within the surroundings.

Numbers from the World Bank say that from 1960 to 2014, the emission of carbon dioxide in India has grown from zero. Three to one.7 metric tonnes consistent with capita. This is affecting the subsistence of hundreds of thousands and giving upward push to extreme ramifications when it comes to climate alternate and worldwide warming.

The root purpose of this is the conversion of woodland land into industrial areas to fabricate commodities like paper, palm oil, fabric, and timber. In fact, the per capita paper consumption in India quantities to over 13 kgs a year.


Littlemore Innovation Labs (LMI) is on an assignment to reduce this by using helping colleges and universities conduct paperless examinations. Since its beginning, it has helped organize 1. Five million checks, saving 20 million sheets of paper via partnering with instructional institutions like Manipal University in Udupi, International Institute of Information Technology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, and the Reva University in Bengaluru.

Making way for greener surroundings

Littlemore Innovation Labs has evolved a customized software program referred to as Paperless Examinations Advantage (PEXA) that lets in college students to write down exams digitally using an electronic pad (E-pad) and a stylus as opposed to the usage of paper, making manner for greener surroundings.

Srijit Govindan, Deputy Registrar, Evaluation, Manipal University informed YourStory,

“We hold near 36 checks each 12 months for eight,000 college students in our university. For this, we distribute a 20-web page solution publication for every examination in step with a scholar. This translates into fifty-seven,60,000 sheets, that is a great amount of paper. After moving to LMI’s digital platform, we are able to store all this paper.”

LMI’s software allows college students to put in writing checks digitally the use of a digital pad.

The Reva University in Bengaluru has additionally been using LMI’s software to behavior tests. The administration claims that students have been overjoyed to contribute to lowering the carbon footprint.

Ramchandra P, Registrar of Evaluation, Reva University, said,

“By embracing the virtual platform designed by means of little more Innovation Labs, our students have to turn out to be extra environmentally conscious. Besides, the institute is able to make a contribution to an extra eco-friendly and sustainable surroundings.”

Presently, Littlemore Innovation Labs is negotiating with many other universities in the united states to transport to a paperless examination device. “There is lots of interest amongst educational establishments to apply for the PEXA software program. Our aim is to encourage at the least 50 percent of the colleges in India to move to a paperless device in the subsequent 5 years,” notes Biju Zachariah, President of Littlemore Innovation Labs.

The functioning of the virtual platform

LMI’s PEXA works on a software as a service version which includes a cozy surrounding allowing students, faculty, and administrators to finish the exam procedure in a smooth and greenway. It permits the school to upload query papers at the platform after submitting a few credentials nicely before the exam. The administration can then use it to go into the non-public information of the students performing for the exam in advance.

The students can log in to the portal only some minutes earlier than the examination begins. Their identification has authenticated the use of biometrics – fingerprint and retina test. The query paper is supplied on the begin of the exam and is routinely withdrawn at the cease of it.

Once the scholar finishes writing the examination, the answers may be picked up by means of evaluators and school contributors for assessment. The software additionally facilitates generate well-timed reports of average marks scored with the aid of every student and time taken to complete the examination.