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Security in 2019: Year of Lessons Not Learned

In these days ever-changing and software program-pushed world, it is vital that each one IT security groups are completely prepared for the future. Here are some of the things we will look ahead to in 2019: an growth in the range of statistics breaches (mainly those concerning AI assistants), cyber turf wars, and now not getting to know from our errors.

The converting face of the firewall

In 2019, we can see new cloud solutions supplying security for public cloud coming from the traditional firewall carriers, following up on current acquisitions of public cloud safety agencies. This fashion is twofold. First, it’s for a response to the growing shift of organizations towards the cloud and their want for safety in those environments. Second, the firewall carriers also are realizing the ability of the cloud as a superior platform for software program improvement and large-statistics analytics.

In 2019, we’ll see the continued evolution of next-gen firewalls as they keep to absorb the functionalities of conventional community security solutions to encompass skills including URL filtering and other superior safety talents.

Data breaches – don’t communicate too soon…or in any respect

We will see an increase in breaches that use digital assistants for privilege escalation or distribution of touchy information. These assaults will manipulate humans into inadvertently giving voice instructions or gambling audio on their computer, prompting a series of events that leads to information on organization overall performance or to further collect community facts to ease an attack.


Kubernetes will become the brand new information middle working gadget

The major factor at the back of the success of Kubernetes is how it simplifies and hurries up software development and deployment. For instance, it allows “immutable infrastructure” because of this that as opposed to deploying incremental adjustments to update your applications, you create a new version for each alternate – whether or not it’s inside the utility code or in the infrastructure. This idea brings fantastic blessings to the manner we develop, install and operate applications (and how we secure them).

Another advantage of microservices architecture is its capability to parallelize development. By decoupling utility capabilities the usage of microservices, massively complicated development tasks may be damaged up into smaller, independent groups, rushing up ordinary development.

In all respects, Kubernetes is riding an IT revolution.

The new 12 months brings not anything new

2019 can be the Year of Lessons Not Learned: we’ll see the same security issues and the adulthood of technologies that exist already.

In 2018, many businesses undertook their first steps to box protection – which translated to vulnerability scanning – getting more statistics and false positives than they understand what to do with and rendering safety as a checkbox procedure. Vulnerable bins will nonetheless exist and continue to be on hand, and groups can’t take motion because they’re inundated with a lot of statistics.

Regarding protection inside the cloud, records are in all likelihood to repeat itself, and because the pass to the cloud maintains, we’ll inevitably see agencies spin up brazenly on hand servers and statistics inside the cloud. This change cannot be remediated with conventional security techniques which might be incompatible with DevOps CI/CD procedures.

“Automation first” must show up

In 2019, we’ll see an extra emphasis on security in cloud-native companies. Many are talking approximately it; this could be the year that they take motion.

To do this, there might be an emphasis on automation. There’s no way that DevOps teams can get safety into their environments without automation. To cozy cloud-local environments, you must approach it from an automation-first attitude.


Hacking the hacker

In 2019, we’ll see cyber turf wars wherein hacking businesses attack every different to gain the bounty in their adversaries’ sources. Previously hooked up botnets mining cryptocurrency can be targeted over organizations with financial facts as the convenience of exchange and redemption of this decentralized currency is a lot greater without problems completed.

A look back at 2018

Last year, we predicted that automation will attain the tipping factor. This got here real within the experience that agencies now understand they need to adopt automation. What has slowed the method of full adoption is cultural challenges. In 2019, we’ll see an acceleration of automation throughout the industry.