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Someone Created an Entire Album Using the Crude Sounds of a Computer’s Motherboard

The variety of tune that Chiptune artists can squeeze from vintage online game consoles is implausible, but at the identical time that’s hardware that turned into specially designed to provide a number sounds to accompany a game. Alexander Semenov, however, managed to create a whole Chiptune album the usage of best the sound talents of a motherboard’s relatively restrained integrated speaker.


The sounds generated by a motherboard are, for the maximum part, designed to be used for diagnostic functions. Simple beeps and bloops help suggest it’s powered up, or which you’ve efficiently stored changes to its settings, or that all your hardware is operating well – but that’s approximately it. Back in the ‘80s, before dedicated sound playing cards in a computer were a element, game builders located methods to govern a motherboard’s restricted sound abilities to add soundtracks and results to DOS games, however many years later, Chiptune artists now usually stick with consoles like the Game Boy or the NES to compose their song.

It took him almost a yr and a half of to complete, but Semenov’s System Beeps is a particularly listenable (in case you’re into Chiptunes), 26-minute album with 23 tracks that display off numerous tricks and techniques to getting unique sounds from traditional PC hardware. He’s published the complete album to YouTube in your amusement, but if you may spare a 42 Kb download, you can additionally download it as an MS-DOS program and play it on your very own X86 system, or through a DOS emulator.

Enjoying Semenov’s PC Speaker compositions is extraordinarily smooth, but developing your own is in which things get difficult. As he elaborates in this prolonged explainer he created, you have to now not handiest work within the barriers of the hardware (making hi-hat cymbal sounds turned into impossible), you furthermore may ought to locate clever ways to extend what the hardware can do (the usage of known auditory illusions to make some quiet sounds more obvious to a listener). Working around the many technical limitations will become an awful lot part of the art as the final album. [habr via TechCrunch]

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