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Doing what’s right for workers is good for business

Too frequently, the hobbies of workers and groups are pitted against every different, as if what’s correct for one is terrible for the other. Well, I can tell you from enjoy, that is just now not genuine.

Ten years ago, my brother and I founded Maine Beer Co. To reveal that the interests of workers, enterprise and the environment may be aligned to gain every person. What we discovered is that valuing people is good for a commercial enterprise. It’s additionally the right element to do.

Providing employees with paid ill depart makes the experience for businesses and is the right policy.

Workers shouldn’t pick among their paycheck and their fitness. This type of statewide policy is long past due.

At the center of every enterprise are things: the product and the human beings. An earned paid ill day policy benefits each.

Healthy people are suitable for business. When personnel is able to earn paid unwell days, it’s pondered inside the quality and performance of their work. It’s predicted that the fee of employees going to paintings at the same time as unwell prices companies roughly $a hundred and sixty billion yearly.

But you don’t want research to understand that is actual.

At one point or any other, the general public has long gone to work ill when they ought to have stayed domestic, and we all recognize what occurs. You may be bodily present, however mentally you’re just seeking to make it through the day, and the work suffers. An earned paid sick day policy would allow greater people to get better — faster — and get back to work.

It’s also precise for public fitness.

A paid sick day policy facilitates to limit the spread of infection among personnel and customers. It’s not good for the enterprise if an employee involves paintings sick and inadvertently infects other participants of the staff. But if an employee doesn’t have to get entry to earned paid ill days, how will you expect them to stay domestic if it manner missing a paycheck?

Policies like earned paid unwell days to enhance business enterprise and consumer morale. When you treat your employees right, you construct a crew of awesome people who need to be there. You build a team that cares approximately your enterprise and your product. It also reduces turnover charges, in some cases through as much as 50 percent. In a decent labor marketplace like Maine, it doesn’t make economic sense not to deal with employees proper.

Consumers additionally want to support businesses that treat their personnel with respect and dignity. This makes experience due to the fact employees are the ambassadors of your employer and your emblem. They are the ones who foster an surrounding that make human beings want to return for your established order or purchase your product. Investing in five paid days off is a small price to pay for healthy and glad personnel and a robust, dependable patron base.

I don’t suggest to reduce the value of strolling a business. Health care charges and different burdens may be challenging. Employers shouldn’t skip those expenses off to our personnel, who are the inspiration for our achievement. Forgoing an earned paid unwell day policy doesn’t resolve the assignment of running a commercial enterprise. In reality, a number of different case studies reviewing cities and states which have already adopted an earned paid unwell day coverage display that the monetary blessings outweigh the costs, which tend to be minimal at pleasant.

At Maine Beer Co., our motto is “Do What’s Right” for a motive. We consider that treating our people proper is the proper factor to do and that it’s accurate for the enterprise.

It’s time for Maine to do what’s right for workers and households all throughout the kingdom, beginning with earned paid ill time.

Dan Kleban is the co-founder of Maine Beer Co. In Freeport, where he lives with his spouse and youngsters.