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Are smartphones, drugs and computer systems taking a toll on our our bodies?

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Texting for your telephone or typing on the laptop, it can all be an ache within the neck–actually.

It’s an actual sickness known as “textual content neck.”

Doctors say the motive is that the common character spends more than 8 hours an afternoon on a few types of electronic tool.

Krista Aycock is one of those human beings. She works the front desk for Williams Family Dentistry in Fletcher, greeting patients and submitting data.

“A lot of pc, smartphone, texting, emailing — things like that,” Aycock stated.

Over the years, it’s commenced to take a toll on her frame.

“My decrease lower back is always the number one,” she said.

So to relieve a number of that stress she started going to WNC Chiropractic in Asheville.

“Neck pain and returned ache are by far our largest draws, I suppose, simply because usually human beings partner that with chiropractic,” stated chiropractor Jennifer Slechter.

Slechter said Aycock’s not on my own.

She stated she sees several patients similar to her each day who all display signs of an sickness known as “textual content neck.”

“It’s usually the damage and tear of sitting at computers for long intervals of time. Our lives are dominated with the aid of technology, so even if you’re not sitting in the front of your pc for paintings you’re still on a tablet, or pc, at home or your telephone and this, like consistent down, clearly does begin to wear on the body,” Slechter added.

It’s now not just adults experiencing this. It’s kids, too.

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